Nov 6 Fri 2020
TOYTOY's Playdates I (with Salomea & Pia Ovanda)
Knust Hamburg
Nov 20 Fri 2020
TOYTOY's. Playdates II (with Keno, Flo Mega, Das Bo & 5 Sterne Deluxe)
Knust Hamburg
Dec 4 Fri 2020
TOYTOY's Playdates III (with Leroy Menace & ESO.ES)
Knust Hamburg
Oct 21 Thu 2021
HOMEWORK [rejazzed] TOUR
Subway Köln
Oct 22 Fri 2021
HOMEWORK [rejazzed] TOUR
Lux Hannover
Oct 23 Sat 2021
HOMEWORK [rejazzed] TOUR
Zollkantine Bremen
Oct 27 Wed 2021
HOMEWORK [rejazzed] TOUR
Milla München
Oct 28 Thu 2021
HOMEWORK [rejazzed] TOUR
NUEJAZZ Festival Nürnberg
Oct 29 Fri 2021
HOMEWORK [rejazzed] TOUR
Schräglage Stuttgart
Nov 4 Thu 2021
HOMEWORK [rejazzed] TOUR
Club Gretchen Berlin
Nov 5 Fri 2021
HOMEWORK [rejazzed] TOUR
Conne Island Leipzig
Nov 6 Sat 2021
HOMEWORK [rejazzed] TOUR
Jazztage Dresden Dresden


Jul 7 Tue 2020
Jazzhouse Open Air
Knust Hamburg
May 7 Thu 2020
Phinamusic Studio Hamburg
Jan 10 Fri 2020
TOYTOY plays Daft Punk - Homework [rejazzed]
Knust Hamburg
Dec 8 Sun 2019
5 Sterne Deluxe X TOYTOY - Sillium live
Knust Hamburg
Oct 10 Thu 2019
"ALEX ECKERT UNIVERSE" Album-Release / Jazzhouse-Festival
Knust Hamburg

TOYTOY is a musical gathering of four virtuoso instrumentalists. While channeling influences from Frank Zappa to J Dilla, they also like to inhale the inspiring global smoke of the hip new jazz scene. Propelled through their live shows by untamed energy, they also get cozy in the studio, where they’ve created a unique style that features ever-surprising guests. A bass heavy groove with an extensive drum and percussion palette plus a cornucopia of mesmerizing guitar sounds: TOYTOY

Daniel Stritzke / Bass Silvan Strauss / Drums Samuel Wootton / Percussion Alex Eckert / Guitar


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