Statement Series Vol I

Statement Series Vol I
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Alex Eckert - Guitar

Silvan Strauss - Drums

Daniel Stritzke - Bass

Samuel Wootton - Mallets

NDR Bigband

Leitung Geir Lysne

Trompeten Thorsten Benkenstein 

Ingolf Burkhardt

Claus Stötter 

Percy Pursglove

Saxofone Fiete Felsch Alt

Peter Bolte Alt

Björn Berger Tenor

Frank Delle Tenor 

Luigi Grasso Bariton

Posaunen Dan Gottshall

Klaus Heidenreich

Stefan Lottermann

Ingo Lahme 

Gitarre Sandra Hempel

Bass Ingmar Heller

Piano Vladyslav Sendecki (Nur OD)

Percussion Marcio Doctor

Tonmeister Gerrit Jan van den Dolder

Produced by TOYTOY

Mixed by Silvan Strauss

Mastered by Umberto Echo

Statement Series Vol I


The word statement fits to improvised music. There’s a theme, a musical grounding and there is a soloist making a statement on this foundation. This can range from embellishment and variations on the theme/subject to dissolving or even destroying the material. This concept applies to verbal statements about current world events as well,  reaching deep into our society and ourselves.

With those expressions and systems on their mind Geir Lysne, chief conductor of the NDR Bigband and Silvan Strauss, drummer of band TOYTOY met at the beginning of the pandemic. Their goal was to use a big band’s raw power - outside its usual, temporarily banned comfort zone, the live concert - to make statements. In this collaboration TOYTOY acts as the interface between the traditional, yet always avant-garde NDR Bigband and TOYTOY’s own modern, experimental production style with contemporary urban appeal.

For the first installment of the Statement Series four artists from different backgrounds are using the foundation laid by TOYTOY and NDR Bigband to make their statements regarding current world events. To finally be arranged and produced by Geir Lysne and TOYTOY.

Hamburg based artist Leroy Menace raps and sings about police brutality inflicted on Black people and combatively confronts racist environments in our society. Dark chaotic Trap beats and Bebop heavy horn section create the mood for his lines.

Portuguese vocal legend Maria João paints a dystopian picture about a world void of arts and culture while at the same time energetically encouraging us to value those goods and safeguard them in even in times of crisis. TOYTOY and NDR Bigband comment with unbound playfulness, nonverbally underlining Maria João’s wake up call.

Musician and multi-talented singer Flo Mega delineates newly resurfacing fascist tendencies in society aided by conspiracy thinking during the pandemic. Referencing the literary work of Klaus Theweleit and with a spoken word performance invoking Ursula Rucker Flo Mega takes the band on an exciting journey from calm intro to fulminant finale.

Vocal virtuoso Salomea from Cologne reflects about confronting the topic of death. It being more in the forefront of thought and social media in times of pandemic. Accompanied by an almost hymn like Bigband instrumental Salomea sings about how in spite or even because of the inevitability of death live should be worthwhile and free.