Midnight Marauders [rejazzed]

Midnight Marauders [rejazzed]

Guests on stage:

Lena Geue - Vocals

Martin Terens - Keys

Yannis Anft - Keys

Jan Kaiser - Trumpet

Sebastian Wehle - Saxophone

Lukas Weber - Saxophone

Florian Leuschner - Baritone Saxophone/Bass Clarinet

Roman Sladek - Trombone

Moritz Stahl - Saxophone

Audrey Bashore - Tour Guide

Midnight Marauders [rejazzed]

REJAZZED takes a classic album you love and dives into its musical heritage. TOYTOY explore and interpret the music’s origins. Watch them find out where this important music was, where it is today and where it could go in the future.

TOYTOY gets inspired and informed by one of the originators of a very fruitful stir-up of jazz and rap by examining one of their most important albums. Diving into the sample material rearranged by ATCQ brings to life a almost unbelievable mix of styles and feelings. TOYTOY tries to do justice to that musical heritage by giving it their hearts and souls on stage with a experimental groove stew.

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