Junkyard Sessions

Junkyard Sessions
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Junkyard Sessions

TOYTOY is a fun musical bunch of four virtuoso instrumentalists. Channeling influences from Frank Zappa and Weather Report to J Dilla and Terrace Martin, they also inhale the inspiring smoke of the hip new jazz scene around the globe. Propelled by the untamed energy of their live shows, the new studio record features a one-of-a-kind vibe with ever-surprising guests. Bass fever, a mega percussion sound palette, cheeky drums and a cornucopia of mesmerizing guitar sounds form their genre-bending creations. Based on the model of American music collectives like Soulquarians/The Roots, TOYTOY see themselves as a creative catalyst and possibility generator for the fusion of all types of musical styles that can be vehicles for energy, freedom and love.

Giovanni Weiss won two prestigious Echo awards and is celebrated for his unbelievable virtuosity, which paired with great respect for his heritage creates enormous intensity and depth, showcased by his own project Django Deluxe time and time again.

Both TOYTOY and Giovanni Weiss are impressive bundles of energy in their own right. How exciting to hear what happens when they come together.